2023 Transparence, Musiktheater für verstärktes ensemble, Live-Elektronik und Videoinstallation 

2023 Ephemeral Reflexions, für Saxophone, präpariertes Drum Set und Live-Elektronik

2022 Additive/Disintegration, für großes Ensemble und Live-Elektronik

2022 Proteus Reflexions II, for ensemble (9 musicians) and live electronics

2021 Conducted improvisation no. 4, for saxophone quartet and live electronics, with interactive live score

2021 Cero, sound installation with video and digitally controlled percussion instruments

2021 Dream is Foam VI for  glasses and interactive lights and electronics. Installation and performance

2021 Re-cognize me 2.0, for trumpet, saxophone, dancer, live electronics and video installation

2020 By Sound, for drawing sound objects and two synthesisers (co-creation with Martín Kaulen)

2019 Proteus Reflexions, for bass clarinet, piano, violin, viola and live electronics

2019 Pananalyticon, for clarinet, cello, keyboard, drum set, live video and electronics

2019 (h)amor, for Bariton Sax and Live Electronics

2019 Ephemeral Memories, for keyboard, prepared piano, prepared vibraphone and drum set

2018 Tiling Collider, for flute, clarinet, trombone, cello, keyboard, drum set and live electronics

2018 Arp Fields, for ARP 2500 Synthesizer and 8.1 multichannel live electronics

2018 Continuous Contrivance, performance in open space, for cello, violin, flute and a car

2018 Re-cognizme, video mapping interactive installation/performance with dance, drumset and live electronics.

2018 Dream is Foam III, for Flute, Trombone, viola, glasses, percussion and interactive lights and electronics

2018 Dream is Foam II, for, Oboe, Piano, viola, glasses and interactive lights and electronics

2017 Dream is Foam I for glasses and interactive lights and electronics

2017 Drittes Territorium, live performance/installation. Electronics and
live controlled lights.

2016 Exatick, for Alto Saxophone and Realtime Electronics

2016 Niños del Cid, Interactive video Installation

2015 Vida de las Máscaras, for piano and electronics

2014 Triangle Study V, for bass clarinet, violin, cello, a dancer, video and electronics

2013 Triangle Stuy IV, for dancer, electronics and interactive lights system

2013 Usina, for solo flute

2013 Usina, for solo contrabass

2012 Triangle Study III, for bass clarinet, violin, cello, three dancers, video and electronics

2012 Triangle Study I and II, for Violin and a Dancer

2012 Rehilaciones, electroacoustic piece in four channels.

2012 Estudio de Síntesis, stereo electroacoustic piece

2011 Circle, for flute, clarinet, cello, saxophone and percussion.

2011 Raspando la Cruz, Live electronics performance

2011 La forma, for violin, viola da gamba, cello and synthesizer

2010 Capital, for voice and real-time electro-acoustic device

2009 Sinople, for flute, cello and clarinet

Pablo Garretón