Re-cognize me 2.0 – Transmedial Installation

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Re-cognize me 2.0 for trumpet, saxophone, dancer, live electronics and video installation Betina Nampé, dance performance Christopher Colling, trumpet José Manuel Bañuls, tenor saxophone Pablo Garretón, composition, live electronics, video and stage design Video of the premier oft Re-cognize me 2.0 at LTK4 in Cologne at the CENTRE COURT festival. 28.07.21. Live images are captured by a camera and projected on paper figures/sculptures made with laser cut. The projections are made #touchdesigner and #maxmsp. Program Notes “Re-cognize me 2.0” is a statement about ethical issues in the context of the rapid development of digital media. The ubiquitous technology of facial recognition is not only the subject, but itself part of the installation. For this purpose, live images of the audience are captured by a camera and fragments of the recognised faces are projected (with the help of video mapping) onto geometric figures in the room. The shape of the figures reflects the technology itself, which measures and compares the geometric arrangement of facial features. Through music and performance, the tensions between individual/body and massive data collection/Big Data become a conscious experience. This piece was developed during a three week residency at Quartier am Hafen and premiered at the Lutherkirche/LTK4 in Cologne.