Arp Fields


Arp Fields, for ARP 2500 synthesizer.
The composition was performed live in a 8.1 surround system at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne with the support of the Studio for Electronic Music.

All the sounds are generated live with the ARP 2500, the Doepfer modular is used as a mixer and for some LFOs. There is also an Expert Sleepers audio interface to send CV triggers to sync the spatialisation and some LFOs. All the pitches are manually adjusted with the controls of the ARP synthesizer. This modular system has a total of 12 oscillators. The synthesizer has not ever been restored, hence some parts where not working 100%.

All the sounds were spatialized with algorithms and LFOs in live with a custom Max/msp for the 8.1 surround system, controlled with a midi controller.

Composition, programing and live performance, Pablo Garretón
Sound recording, Simon Spillner
Video recording, Lucia Kilger and Helena Cánovas

Pablo Garretón 2018